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Acoustic considerations


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[laugh] [laugh] [laugh] [laugh] [laugh]


That was fun!


I'm a Martin guy, so yes, they make me happy. Had one Taylor long time ago, it bored me. Never owned a Gibson acoustic because I've never met a Gibson acoustic neck I liked.


Good luck and have fun looking!



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Look at Martin D-18, HD28, HD28V and J-40.

Take a look at the Classified Section on the Acoustic Guitar Forum, too.

There's a couple of tempting ones on there - D35 for $1600, new D18 for $1800, you get the idea.


I have an HD-28V but could happily own any of the others.

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So many good acoustics available nowadays.....:blink:


Taylors are very popular on our local acoustic circuit....for good reasons.....[thumbup]


Available at all price points.....IMO showing genuine creative design thinking


Personal 'quiver' includes a 300 series 12 string, a 400 series nylon stringer and a T5......the latter being IMO a superb realisation of an electro acoustic which can venture into pure electric territory with ease.....[thumbup]


The unique bolt-on neck jointing really works and can easily address issues which creep in as an instrument settles in the early years.....


The inherent brightness of tone across the range lends itself to finger style





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The standard answer is to play them all and that's what I did a few weeks ago. They're all good choices. The one that caught my eye and ear when I played a few was the Gibson J-15, I think it was. It played very well, sounded great and wasn't too expensive. I think for something like that, you pretty much have to play them and hear them.

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Gibson and Martin are great and have been around for a hundred plus years. But I would recommend Taylor. Their neck joint is great, the necks tend to be slimmer with lower action so feel more familiar for someone who is used to playing electric guitars. Their Expression system (pickup) IMO gives the most accurate reproduction of what an acoustic should sound like amplified, and as mentioned they make excellent guitars at many price points.


They just announced a new bracing pattern (V bracing) and while I have not played one (I don't think they are in dealers yet) they are claiming the bracing helps to solve the compromise between volume and sustain, and even helps with intonation. They are innovators and rather than just producing what has worked for a long time they are always looking to improve their instruments.

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