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Me either. I did play a Brian Setzer burn orange super big hollow body one. A 6150 or what ever numbers Gretsch uses to mark their territory. It was nice. Used about $2500. So that was a No that day.


Cream City out in Milwaukee has loads of Gretschii. Two times I've spend half a day in there going through them, expensive Setzers on down to more recent imported versions. Flaccid. Not even a twitch.



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That IS a beautiful instrument......eusa_clap.gif......

Like a few others here I've not (yet?) been bitten by the Gretsch bug but that one would be hard to resist even just as a piece of Sculpture.


Happy Valentine's Day, Rev!


Out of curiosity did it come in the tweed case or is it just having a wee lie down on a Fender box after a hard day's playtime?



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