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NGD "I lasted a full 6 weeks till GAS was too much"


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I decided at new year that I was really gonna try to control my buying this year(I already had 113 guitars)- I made it 6 weeks :rolleyes:. While I was out on valentines day having lunch with the wife we popped into the local pawn shop where they had this beauty for £180. She's a Korean 2002 from the Samick Factory with only a very slight ding near the front pickup, the previous owner had however made a few improvements.



Previuos owners mods =

Graph Tech aged nut

Stop tail removed and replaced with Bigsby B-7 Tremelo

Pots & wiring upgraded

Pickups swapped for a set of Epiphone "USA Elitist SR-50 & TR-50"


She plays like a dream and sounds fantastic.


Mods I still want to do =

Cream toggle switch tip

Roller Tune o Matic

Reflector knobs

One of those "Custom Made " plaques that gibson used when retro fitting a bigsby.

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Where is this pawn shop?

I need to go before they realise what things are worth!



Yeah I've picked some great deals from there over the years including.


1983 Squier JV Series 62 Precision Bass = £100

Fender Standard Precision Bass = £99 (They thought both of these were squiers)

Ovation Tangent T257 = £40 (heel seperating from neck - My tech repaired it for free as part of the set up)


And then theres these 2 beauties.


2012 Gibson 50's Tribute SG. I paid £250 for it



and one of my most treasured guitars


1983 Gibson Spirit 1.



I went into the store and this was hanging on the wall, the manager asked me if I was interested as he thought it was a fake. I asked how much and he told and I almost snapped his hand off. I paid £149.99 for this beauty and the best bit it came with its all original complete with case and paperwork. I have since confirmed with the 2 people listed in the paperwork that I'm only the 3rd owner in the 30 years between it being made and now.


Spirit 1 in Case





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Well, here's to 114! A beauty!



Im lucky to find any gear thats actually worth more than £60 in my local cash converters, unfortunately its on the same street as the only two guitar shops in town.



Fullmoon, it's folks like you who make me feel almost normal with only 31 instruments.


Thank you - and a nice find on the Sheraton!


Thanks guys but the story isn't done. went into the same store today (the store called and said they had something I might like) So I go in and theyve got a 35mm Olympus OM-1 complete camera kit (both my son & collect guitars and vintage cameras) so I get it for him as a early easter gift. I go up to pay for it and theres a grey Epiphone hard case behind the counter, the manager askes if I'm interested and opens the case.


Epiphone 50th Anniversary 1962 Sheraton. Number 95 of 1962



Though not as cheap as the other it is in mint condition apart from a missing reflector. So a gift for my sons and a gift to myself (115 and counting)

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