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My drummer mate and I are breaking in a couple of new guys in my originals band (basic pub rock) - second rehearsal and it's coming along, about 80% there as far as gig-ready I reckon - still a few errors and things to iron out but we are grinning and that's what it's all about eh? [biggrin]


Uploaded a few from rehearsal last week if you are stuck for something to do feel free to have a listen (just off a zoom h1 in the room but it seemed a reasonable mix) - headphones recommended and play it loud [laugh] Looking forward to seeing if we can get em up to scratch, so far so good. Cheers lads.




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Yeah, getting "new" or replacement members can be bittersweet. Hopefully your new guys work out. Sounds like you're off to a good start.


As you might have read, one of my bands just replaced our bass player. We're a cover band. Weekend warriors. While losing our friend and long time bass player was hard, the new guy has injected some momentum into the band. He plays a different style than Mike did, and it's kind of fun listening to our "new" sound.


Again, good luck with your situation.

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