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Epiphone Les Paul (Pickups Question)


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Hi! I'm kind of new in the forum and I had a little question.


I know the latest Epiphones comes with ProBucker/Alnico Pro, and some have this plastic cover on the pickups saying if it's a ProBucker or not.

There's an Epiphone Les Paul Standard in a local store (not big, not many axes available), it has Coil Split, but the plastic cover on the pups it{s the old transparent with the Red Epiphone logo. Now the thing it's that the guitar got the price reduced and I'm thinking if I should get it. I guess I just want to know if the pickups are Pre-ProBucker or not (Since I'm not changing the pups any time soon), since the new Epi pups have my attention.


Sorry if I'm not being clear; This isn't my first language. Feel free to ask me to explain myself.

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