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I've had the COP with me since November and it's a wonderful guitar.

I mostly play stones songs + country style tunes on it and I couln't be happier with it. It does single note stuff very well ,chords are solid and it's just an all around joy to play.I can't get enough of it !!!


The adirondack helps it vibrate a lot more than I would have expected when compared to my sitka J 200 TV .Construction is very clean and the feel is perfect.I am blown away by how feather light the weight seems (J 200 feels like a boat anchor against the Elvis)


The only negative is it seems that the pickguard may have had a small air pocket left when applied because it's lifting slightly from one corner.But I will order a replacement when it gets annoying .



I have recorded a few very basic demos through my phone (no professional gear) I hope they are enough so you can get a hint of the tone.


Brain Damage:


Single Notes:



Some chords:



Let me know what you guys think!If the recordings are not clear ...please let me know and I will try to do better.









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Specs are:


Red Spruce top and bracing.

Eastern Flame Maple b/s

Mahogany V neck

24 3/4's scale

Fretboard is Mother of Toilet Seat over rosewood (headstock too)

Rosewood Bridge

Hide Glue

String are Gibson Lights (11's) I've worn them in a bit just to knock off some brightness.


Gibson based on Elvis Costello's 1936 model which suffered water damage while in storage.




So if you're talking about the 37 Legend it could be a similar built top.





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Anyone else here have one ?


Tom obviously , probably ten or twelve


No, only two. We were interested in studying the flat top guitar (and banjo) sound pallet of the 20th century up until about 1969. We are musically stuck in that era. To do that, we couldn't really afford -- in so many ways -- duplicates.


So we have two -- a 34 12-fret and a 37 14-fret.




Ours don't get used too much. We love their tone and power, but maple flat tops IME just don't cut well in acoustic string band situations where mahogany or RW guitars are part of the rhythm support. We did have one of them out recently where my wife played a Guild B-30 acoustic bass guitar and I picked the Century with fingerpicks on a lot of gospel and folk revival stuff like Freight Train, Railroad Bill, Cannonball Blues, etc. Loved that combination, but that simple duo setup is not too common for us -- except at home.





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Thanks all for the kind words.

It's a great guitar and if you guys can find one I think you will be pleasantly surprised.



Tom and John ...It's always an honor to see your guitars.


Thanks for the video JT .

After listening to your 36 I think that Gibson came very close to that tone with these 36 Costello reissues.

I remember Elvis saying that maybe when his children were grown up his signature model would maybe have a similar tone to his original.

I would have to agree with that statement ...







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Here's the L-Century compared with other vintage L sized guitars:




Beautiful guitars and great picking, JT-really enjoyed that. I was surprised how similar the Mahogany Ls sounded across the board-the L Century was the standout for me personally, I loved the way it projected and chimed. I’m a self confessed Maple nut though so a little biased towards that tonality!

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