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I’m a hobbyist and do not have my guitars setup often, in addition to this I’m a tinkerer and have enough tools to do a decent setup.


Over the years I’ve taken some of my guitars to a couple of guys. First time I took one it simply felt like a string change, that’s a $55 string change.


Some years later took a couple of guitars to another guy, he was an odd guy. His work was ok, nothing special. Then I found out he ended up in jail. Long story.


Over the years I bought some basic tools and set my guitars up.


Recently I saw a guy in a local Facebook group and the guy lives close to me, I checked and he studied guitar making at MI and worked for Gibson for a few years. Cool.


So I started him off with a real challenge, my Epi ES335. I have tweaked this guitar to no end and just never became a good player since factory nut, saddles and frets were all terrible. I left the guitar and a few days later he had it ready, holy smokes!. Super, super low action and completely smooth frets. The guitar plays great with not buzz and just rings. I am really happy and already dropped off a second guitar.


I anticipate I’ll have most of my guitars set up by this guy, they play so much better with a pro setup and I need all the help I can get.

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It is indeed, the guitar plays great, the action is so low there's nowhere for tone to hide.


I have found this guy's videos to be an excellent teaching resource for setting-up guitars: Dave's World of Fun Stuff (https://www.youtube.com/user/davey4557/videos). He really knows his stuff, teaches clearly and is a funny guy, too! Grab your tools and start setting-up your own guitars! [thumbup]

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