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Probucker vs Seymour Duncan


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HI all! First time poster here looking for some advice.


I purchased a used Epiphone '58 reissue Flying V that a previous owner upgraded with Seymour Duncan sh-4(JB) and the Sh-2N (Jazz neck) pickups. However I was thinking about swapping them out for epiphone's probucker 2(neck) and probucker 3 (bridge). What do you think? I"m looking for more vintage tones rather than heavy metal thrashing. I've heard good things about the both pickups. Currently the SDs in the V sound ok but nothing special. I know that could be related to wiring/pots/caps that I'm gonna upgrade as well. But just looking for advice regarding the probuckers vs Jazz neck and bridge.


Thanks for your help

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I think the SD Jazz and JB (which I still call Jeff Beck) combination is a superb choice and I would never swap those pickups out.


It may be you have a wiring / caps etc problem. I can't believe that it is a pickup problem.

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Both of the Duncans and Pro Buckers are good pickups, it really depends on what you want to get out of them. Are they too dirty are they too bright. You can get more out of them by raising the individual poles to within an 1/8 of an inch of the strings and they will drive more. If you use buckers with metal covers they will be brighter and cleaner.


The biggest tonal voicing change will come from adjusting the value of the capacitors you are using. Duncan recommends with humbuckers to use a .047μ capacitor.




If you like the sound that one of your guitars is getting look at the value of capacitor that is connected between the volume and tone controls or on the tone control. Also check and compare the value of the pots, usually 500k for Gibson/Epi style.


String termination, a stop bar will resonate differently than through body types.



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Uh.. Huh? Panasonic? Thanks for the "help."



Rev Six is a marvel. Able to piss off a first-time poster in ONE SINGLE SENTENCE.


FYI, Rev Six thinks everything Epiphone makes is crap, and he hangs around here telling us about it.

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My advice, well, isn't that the pickup combo what Mustaine used when he was with Jackson? I can imagine it's not super vintage sounding.


The ProBuckers sound like grittier 490s. Bit less chime than the 490s. Depending on what you're shooting for, maybe go with the 490s? But yes, the ProBuckers are vintage-sounding and I like them a lot in my Epi LP.

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