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Gibson pups for a Traditional HP


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Right, it came with 57 classics but they are gone and I am told by a guitar store/dealer that it needs Gibson pups - esp with covers - to be sold more easily. I didn't like the 57s, and it is possible I will have this guitar for some time before it sells, so I want pickups I will enjoy too. Also, I can't bring myself to pay for something I dont agree will be good, not sure why in this context. Because of the titanium parts this guitar has a quite exaggerated top end, so that is something to consider IMO. I think I would like the 498t but the 498-490 set is getting lots of complaints, that they are not a good match, hard to eq etc. Burstbuckers could be good but might just be too bright for this particular guitar for the reason mentioned. Can you guide me now? Thank you.

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