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Newbie!! What do you think of this?


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Hi there thanks for any help! I am a newbie. I picked this up last night, it looks great and seems like it has some upgrades. Let me know what you think. I have some concerns if you look at the pictures of the finished cracking around the set neck. Should I be concerned?

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I would not be the least bit concerned,,,


then again,, there's no photo to look at to tell one way or another.


Try your facebook account upload there, and when view the full image copy the image url.


post the link here with the img control tool in the edit window, change https to http and it should show up.

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nope.. not yet.




1: login to facebook account

2: got to your personal timeline

3: Choose Add a photo

4: VIEW the full (new) photo

5: point the mouse to the picture, press mouse button 2, and select COPY IMAGE LOCATION.

6: Come back here, and edit your post in the forum.

7: click the image icon from where the little smile face appears? the second one to the right, a greenish square..

8: in the LINK box, paste the url from step 5

9: change the word https to http change nothing else.

10: save it..


should work then

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