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Some of the old gang...


Mid-'40s Antoine Di Mauro 'Modele Special Chorus'.



1991 Vintage Sunburst Les Paul '1960 Classic'.



1995 Honey Sunburst Les Paul '1960 Classic'.



2017 D'Angelico Excel.



1993 Les Paul 'Historic Division' 1959 Re-Issue.



1995 Les Paul 1960 Re-Issue.




:0 your vintage sunburst classic is older than me!


Those are all beautiful (as I’ve probably said a million times now). Love the vertical grain on that R9


Sometimes I suspect that they choose the nicest guitars to export

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My favorite Les Paul ever since I bought her in '83, a Guitar Trader "pre-Historic" hand built to 50s specs from select wood. Fat neck carve, long tenon, very light & lively. She's thirty-five years old now and has a lot of miles on her, with battle damage to match. Still an amazing axe to fly. One of a few lifetime guitars that I wouldn't ever willingly part with, along with one particularly sweet '63 Strat and a '49 Gibson acoustic with the best feeling neck I've ever played. I named her Amaterasu after the Shinto goddess of sun and universe.




Here's a pic that shows off her top a little better. But really my love for this instrument is about the way she plays, and a sense of rapport that's developed over the decades.



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