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For you SXM types, if you can find Jim Lauderdale's (Buddy and Jim Show-Outlaw Country Ch 60) interview with TE, it'll put a smile on your face. Repeated tomorrow but available on demand if you do that thing. Not having been exposed to much of his playing, as well as goofing on BK for getting his guitar signed, it was a double edged delight hearing so much of his music all at once, live and from his new record, and being once again dashed in despair and self-loathing at the long road I have left to travel on my journey to play guitar. 7,441 more hours.


I'm going outside to do something I'm good at. Shoveling snow and hauling firewood from the shed. Then, the rest of the day chipping away at the 7,441.


I'd move this to The Lounge if I knew how to.

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Thanks, but I don't think I would pick it up 16 - 17,000 Kms away!



I put these links up recently for those that want to play some TE stuff and get a few clues to the magic.


These are just sensational lessons online. Worth the price of admission even if you just watch him explain a few things, mainly "Milestones", but keep at it for a day or 2 [flapper] and you will soon be picking like TE in the next "Breakthroughs"










Then slowly work your way along until you get to this older sucker - TE plays Chet plays Merv plays......fabulous






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