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i think of the finish as "quilted lizard burst" hahahahah i didn't think i'd like the satin finish, but it really feels good to my hands and forearm.

i bought it because of 2 reasons.


1)i always wanted a steinberg but could never find one at a time when i also had the money to buy it

2) i think it's neat looking, and interesting.

3) i recently had a birthday and i thought i should get myself something...other than... the used bike i am buying in the next 3 weeks


From the thread title I was worried you had lost your mind and bough the Chinese Dog guitar... :)





oh, i will tell you the truth. my mind was already lost since i was a toddler.

even today, i look at that guitar, and if i could afford to buy it, i absolutely would, without question buy it. i think it's great. for 1 reason.


it is red

it has chinese style art that was made in america (hows that for a switch-em up?)

it's magic, and the second you purchase it, you can instantly recite and interpret the analects, mencius, the 5 classics and other confucian texts. it would be like being pai mei without having to wear that mustach.

how could gibson pack so much win into one guitar?


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