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New to the forum but figured I'd post this amp I got in for servicing. I'll start by saying the original owner doesn't want to spend much on repairs, he just said "it hums", so it's been sitting in the closet for the last 40 years.


These are quite the mess. Keeping things minimal, I replaced power cord and filter caps before even powering it up. I found a bad 5 watt power supply resistor as well. There's no hum now so I'm not sure what he was hearing, 60 or 120. The reverb tank input was unplugged and that could have been the issue all along if the reverb was switched on. Anyway, it runs fine but there are plenty of "kinks in the garden hose" in the pre amp section that kills the potential tone of this amp. The reverb is pretty good but the tremolo is a little weak. Not sure if it's worth it to the customer ($$$) to make some changes. Has anyone gone through these with good results?


Thanks, UN



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