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Brand new J-45 Standard headed my way!


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I'm still pretty new to this forum but about a month ago, I stumbled upon the AE LG2 which I fell in love with and sold items that I had to fund it. I purchased it about 2 weeks ago and love it a ton.


At the time I also had a Martin OMJM that I just never really bonded with, although I did love the shape. The OMJM is one of the brighter Martins out there. I then heard amazing things about the typical J-45 and started reading/watching reviews etc.


Last weekend, I decided to sell my OMJM to help fund the J-45. I sold the OMJM locally and within 15 had ordered a new one from a store in Florida called Leitz Music. They had a brand new 2017 which they had marked down (It was new and had been priced to lower than what I could have purchased used...go figure). It's a Standard J45 with vintage sunburst. I was concerned that and asked the gentleman why it hadn't sold and he said he didn't know as it was/is a phenomenal Gibson and it was a favorite with the staff. They offer a 30 day return policy. It should arrive Wednesday and I can't wait! Tonally, I've really settled on what I like.


Ages ago I would have sworn that Rosewood was for me, but then I discovered Mahogany and fell in love with its warmth and somewhat quick decay.


To my ears, Gibsons are even warmer than Martins and have that nice "thump" and somewhat "muted" sound. I've fallen head over heals with Gibson.


Wednesday can't come soon enough!

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Congrats on new purchase. I too have a similar Martin (OM28V) that I really love. A few months ago I stopped in a store that had a 2018 Gibson J-45 (serial number 2017) and after a few strums I knew I had to take it home. My favorite Gibson so far. I hate to say it, but my Martin doesn't get near the play time it used to. Great choice.

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Exciting ^ Goin' from M to G is an intriguing experience (switching back'n'forth is too, btw).


But once you get into the Gibson-sound nothing will be the same. There's is a soul to these guitars that will keep you hooked.

And the J-45 (high) Standard has it for miles. Give it time to show itself, let it break in and unfold. Odds say you won't regret.


Good times ahead - tell us more and throw some pics as they come



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