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'95 Korean Epiphone Strat Project


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Hello everyone! Some quick information on me, I fix cars for a living and play guitar in a band as a hobby, and sometimes I'll mix the two and fix up a guitar.


I was given a "Epi" strat with the banana headstock (one of my personal favorite headstock designs) with water damage, and it was cooked pretty well. So I was exploring my options because I did want an Epiphone strat copy of some sort.


I went to my local guitar store, and they happened to have a red Epiphone strat that they were assembling to put up for sale. Long story short, I picked up an Epiphone Strat (I5110360) body with most of the pieces to assemble it.


So I get my beloved Banana Headstock on a strat body, and it's older than me. That's a win all the way around for me.


Plan is to upgrade the pick guard, pickups, install a fresh set of tuners, freshen up the appearance and potentially repaint it.


Something about a guitar has to "grab" me for me to decide it's worth me fixing up. And usually it has nothing to do with value, something about it just speaks to me. Sometimes its the mystery (1985 Epiphone Bich) sometimes it's the weird factor (Cort Explorer with brass hardware) and this one definitely pulled me in for some reason.


On the left is the original junk guitar, on the right is the one to be rebuilt.



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Small update, the teardown is done (aka the easy part)


The pickguard I ordered didn't fit, my guitar seems to have a weird shorter style of pick guard to accommodate the 2-screw bridge so I'm just going to clean up the one I have. I'm going to sand it smooth first, see if it needs any body filler, it has at least 2 pretty decent chips that look like they may have gone into the wood. Then prime it, wet-sand the primer, and then spray it.


I'm thinking a two-tone split down the middle, one of the colors being black. And then along the same line, split the headstock into two colors but flip the colors. I did a heavy metallic on one, and a stripe pattern on another project and the "two-face" style is something I've wanted to try for a while.



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My oldest guitar is an Epi S-310 like yours, except mine's black. I got mine in about '92. Mine is heavily modded with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge and two Mighty Mite single coil-sized hums in the neck and middle. It's got Gotoh tuners and I even had it refretted with 6105 fretwire about 10 years ago. I also got a GFS Wilkinson "Fits All Strats" trem, and replaced the corroded trem posts with OFR trem posts.





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