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I tend to always play different guitars for different music. I really enjoy the the differences of tone and feel.

But about 2 weeks ago, I picked up my dads old 47 through 52 LG-2???, and have not been able to put it back into it's case.

AS I have always said, this was the little guitar, that back in the early 60s, made me want to play guitar.

It was my introduction to what a good guitar should be. Before its arrival I played Kays and Stellas, and they still have their place, but not on the LG-2's level.

I am blessed to have a good supply of nice guitars, and not just because of our history, but if my house was burning, its the guitar I would save.

I can't get over the ring of the top when thumped with my finger. Or how long it continues to ring after a string is hit.

It defies it small size with it's output.

If it has a drawback it is that it needs to have it's strings changed more often than my other guitars in order to maintain it's game. But than my J-45 is the second runner up in that department, so that could just be a Gibson thing.

Here is my point, watching how the price is climbing on the vintage LG-2s, and knowing that Gibson would want to sell a lot of new guitars, why not bring back the LG-2 in a TV series and get it as close as possible to the old ones. I know they can't build in the extra tone of age, but all of the woods that were used then are still easy to obtain.

I bet there are lot of kids out there waiting to be impressed by a LG-2, just like I was back in the early 60s.


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