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Andertons Silver Sky demo


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Hmmmmm, still sounds like a Strat, to Me! And, for that price, you could get a nice Custom Shop Fender,

made to your spec's, anyway. So...???


Personally, I think PRS did this, because JM prefers Strat's, so they made him a Strat, being their "Golden Boy!"


It's probably IS a really nice PRS version of a "Strat!" But.... :rolleyes:[confused][flapper][biggrin]



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Many companies have copied the Strat for decades.


I think what is irritating is that PRS tries to tell us it took two years to put a different headstock on this thing and they refuse to call it a Strat.


If they said, John wanted our version of a Strat


The video with Rene Martinez is terrible...guitar gotta play good, gotta feel good, gotta sound good, John Mayer likes the action to be good. WTF


I also think there is already a sensitivity towards PRS for copying The Les Paul single cut and double cut and adding SG-like features to some of thir guitars.


Obviously the guitar will appeal to a lot of PRS fans, and their guitars get rave reviews but just call a duck a duck.

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If I used Paul's guitars I wouldn't be caught dead using a copy and he'd be glad of it and would probably make sure no pictures were ever taken with anyone using a copy of his guitars.


It works good like that!



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I like the sound of it. Sounds very nice.


I have nothing against "strat copy" guitars.........it's all been done before. PRS makes good quality stuff so if it catches someone's eye, go for it.


For me, I appreciate that they left the headstock natural colored like a strat, but that being said, for me personally, a strat needs a six in line headstock.


again, for me personally, I hope PRS keeps it as a one off with a few color choices and do not come out with an entire line of silver skys as I don't feel that is "what they do".



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Yeah, it's a copy of a Strat that sounds sort of like a Strat. I thought the real Strat sounded better. If I want a Strat, for that price I could get a few good used ones. I can find a good American Standard Strat used all day long for $800.00. I guess if you're a PRS fan, Strat fan and/or John Mayer fan, this might be worth it to that person. I don't get the pricetag though for that guitar.


As I've said before, I'd rather have a real Fender Strat or a real Gibson Les Paul than a copy, even if that copy is a good copy.

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