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BEWARE Flightcase Warehouse review - Spider cases


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BEWARE Flightcase Warehouse Spider cases review


Hi, Just thought I'd share my bad experience with Flightcase Warehouse - Spider Cases.


I purchased a Hardcase for my Gibson Les Paul from FlightCase Warehouse and the tab (fake leather) on the case inner compartment has caused a reaction to the nitrocellulose finish on my Guitar neck - basically leached a chemical in the tab and melted an area where it was in contact with the guitars neck.


I contacted the company director who refused to aknowledge any problem caused by his case and basically told me to pay for it to be sent in and tested by their 'tech team' - I asked if they wopuld pay for the return cost but they point blank refused to.


I spoke direct to Gibson Repair and sent them in the photos and here's their response:



I think you’re right. I think the damage was caused by the handle on the case pocket. Pretty poor case design! If you make guitar cases you ought to make them out of materials that won’t harm guitar finishes! I would estimate $450 to $600 to repair the damage and I can’t promise the repair won’t be invisible as it’s very difficult to match the surrounding when you have to fill an unfinished ‘hole’ in the middle of the neck. Also difficult because the chemical reaction that occurs leaches The only other option would be to totally refinish the neck and that would be close to twice the expense. If I were you, I’d get in touch with the manufacturer of the case. They should know better and very well may know but count on people not realizing the cause of the problem. I’ve seen this happen with stand manufacturers too and I’ve seen them pony up to pay for the damages, which of course is the right thing to do. Feel free to use this email to provide a potential cost and if they agree to pay I’ll provide a detailed – to the penny quote once we have the guitar in hand.


Thank you,

Gibson Repair & Restoration


I also spoke to many guitar luthiers who agreed that the Flightcase Warehouse Spider case inner tab had caused the damage.


I sent all info over to the company director and again he basically refused any problem was his and that it was the guitars finish that was to blame.


Basically flightcase warehouse refuse to accept any problem and will only look at the case If I pay for return postage.


So in the end I have a badly damaged guitar finish casued directly by the case from flightcase warehouse and they continue to sell their cases as 'Gibson' suitable guitar cases when they are clearly not.



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That really .... stinks.

They appear to be on FaceBook and other social media sites. (Pinterest?)

I would consider posting pictures on those sites along with your original comment below.

Not sure of the 'small claims court' process in UK, or here in the US either. Fighting a big company without a lawyer seems an uphill battle.

YouTube is another option to air your complaint in the form of a 'product review'.

Companies don't like getting bad reviews that are clearly irrefutable. You might want to get a luthier to look at the damage and tab/handle in person and attest to the cause and effect so you have protection.

Saddest part of all is that the company will continue to do this. G'Luck.

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