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2014 Les Paul Supreme Florentine Goldtop

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Hi all, need some help here...

Just acquired a 2014 Les Paul Supreme Florentine with a Goldtop finish. All appears original, but there is some odd stuff going on. The serial number is 105540300, which would indicate very early in 2014 (before the numbering change). Interestingly, the photo on the Gibson site for the 2014 Supreme (which they only list as available in Caribbean Blue) is 105540303. The page is still up so you can look up. The Supremes came only with 490R/498T pickups, but mine has a 57 classic in the neck and a super 57 in the bridge. Markings show a matched pair - neck is 860-31682-L with a date of 1/23/14 and the bridge is 860-31683-L with a date of 11/27/13. These are the right dates for an early 2014 guitar. The only thing is I can't find any reference to a goldtop finish in the Supremes anywhere. I am wondering if this is a very early "practice" run or even prototype of some sort. Any help would be appreciated. I have also sent a note to service@gibson.com, but have had no response...


As for pics, I don't have photobucket - is there any other way to post pics?

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To post pictures open an account with a photo-hosting site which allows third-party use - Photobucket DOES NOT DO SO.

I use postimage. It's simple to use and free.


Here's a link.




Once you have uploaded the image click and copy on the link marked "Hotlink for forums" as seen here...




...and then paste the link in your post. Remove the first and last sections in square brackets (inclusive) to leave the image extant.


Other folks use different sites such as imugur (spelling?).


I doubt it will be a prototype. Prototypes are usually marked as such on the rear of the peghead. It might be, as you say. an early 'trial' version to see if the guitar suited a gold-top finish.



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