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I recently acquired a used Epiphone electric guitar. The head stock calls it a "Special". the nut cover says Gibson. it has what looks like two humbuckers with only one tone and volume control. The "humbuckers" are black and out in the open with no chrome cover. It has a two piece bridge unlike the "special IIs that I have seen. Can some one give me and idea of about how old this thing is and what it is. I am a newbie. so I'm lost. I realize that modifications may have been made. Serial number doesn't line up with any Epiphone system that I have found so far.

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I think in the 90's they made these as "Special" "Model" with a "Gibson" nut cover.. These came out prior to the Special II, I think.. Maybe..






Looks like Joan Jett autographed one..

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In 1957 the company was acquired by Gibson.[2] Since then, the brand has been used for a number of different guitars, some manufactured by Gibson itself in its own factories, and some manufactured by other companies such as Matsumoku under contract to Gibson and marketed under the Epiphoneso if it dose not say Special its from the late 50s to the 60s  brand. The  Specials  came out 1996 ..so there close to 30 years old and kind of hard to find

there are Specials 1,2 ,3 out after 2005 or 2007


this is a video tells a little more about it

a photo of my Gibson Epiphone  Specials





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I found this forum by chance in search of a value for my Epiphone “Special” model.  I know this info probably won’t be much help to those that have already posted here, but to anyone that maybe searching in the future, hopefully this will be of value. 

I bought a red Les Paul Epiphone “Special” model with the Gibson truss rod adjustment cover brand new from my local music store back in October 1999. Price was around $230-$250.  I’m not sure how popular they were because I can not find these guitars anywhere.  Anyhow, I do still have mine and enjoy playing it from time to time.  They are legit & although they have limited options compared to other Epi Les Pauls & were considered a “budget” guitar,  the tone from the pickups is pretty descent. C00A516D-DDF0-4BFE-B1C6-9F5D111C74A7.thumb.jpeg.b7a5a2f34a49760f883e9f0e15c4141a.jpeg

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