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Hi Folks. This is my first excursion into the Gibson Forums. I recently purchased a non-functional Medalist 212 amp. After some basic repairs, I have gotten it functional, but only out of one channel. This amp has two internal speakers and two extension speaker jacks. I swapped the wires on the internal speakers to determine that both speakers are functional. They are. I also plugged in an extension cab to the speaker input on the channel that isn't driving the internal speaker. No signal there either. The power stage of this amp resides on the bottom of the cab, with all of the controls (sliders/switches/inputs/power switch) in the upper portion of the cab. Inside the (lower) power portion, there is one large transformer and two circuit boards (that appear identical)as well as 4 transistors (2 per channel). I'm thinking that the most likely cause of the dead channel is on the circuit board for that channel. I've checked power fuses and continuity in the output chain beyond this circuit board. Someone removed the speaker fuse cases and attached the leads back together. There is currently no fuse protection of the speaker channels, but the continuity is there. If you are familiar with this this amp, please respond. I have a lot of questions and have found no info online anywhere. Apparently, this amp was only produced in 1970. I have pics, but need to figure out how to make them smaller so the site will accept them. Thanks!

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