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How to post pictures

uncle fester

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Folks - apologies for the newbie question (I know it's been discussed bunches of times but I can't figure out how to get a search done that returns any decent results).


Anyways - How do you post pictures... where should I look to get instructions like this?


Thank you anyone - rgds - billroy

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Never mind, found a post on it...


  • imgur.com
  • upload your photos
  • resize to something like 150 x ??
  • copy the 'direct' web link for the photo
  • click the picture icon in the gibson post - and insert the link to the file


You like apples, how 'bout them apples - i figured something out :o!

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Imugur works good. I think PB started charging.


Yeah, Photobucket started charging so I backed up my photos from there to an external hard drive and have gone to Imugur. It is a great service and had quick tools for copying photo links in all the important formats. PB was slow as molasses anyway.

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