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Need info on casino model 65CasinoJPNLTD


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Anyone have info on this model? A sunburst casino with Lennon's serial number on the back of the headstock. Model is listed as 65CASINOJPNLTD on the label. This seems different from the inspired by models. I think those were made in China, no?



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This could be a Lennon Casino made by Terada-Japan, exclusively for the Japanese market. They were very similar to the AIUSA (assembled in USA) Lennon Casinos from the early 2000s.


The AIUSA guitars were called the USA-Series, but actually had the body made by Terada in Japan, which was then shipped to Gibson-Nashville for installation of Gibson pickups & hardware. There is a sticker on the back of the neck that says Assembled in USA. The series was comprised of two Lennon Casino models, and two John Lee Hooker Sheraton models (I happen to have one of the JLH Sheratons). The Lennon Casinos came in Lennon's original sunburst, and in a natural finish Revolution version (representing the same guitar after Lennon took off the finish & added gold Grover tuners). I do believe both of these Lennon models had his original guitar's serial number on the back of the headstock. The workmanship on these four USA-Series models is exquisite.


The point of all of the above, is that I have seen one Terada-made Lennon Revolution model that I believe had the same style of label as the one you've posted, and was made for the Japanese market. The model info on your label appears to mean: 1965 Casino Japan Limited, and could be from a similar run. If so, this could possibly be a very high quality instrument. If you could post pictures of the body & headstock, it might provide more clues.


There is another member of the forum who has a great deal of knowledge regarding Terada serial numbers, and hopefully he will see your post & help nail down whether or not this guitar truly was made by Terada.

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