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installing vintage tuners to replace Grovers?


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I have a 69 Les Paul that was my later brothers guitar. Back in the 70's someone installed some sealed Grover tuners.

I have a set of the new Gibson vintage style tuners that I would like to install, I need to find some adaptor bushings or bezels that will work with the Gibson vintage style tuners.

Has anyone out there done this?


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Not exactly sure which new tuners you're referring to. Some of the current Kluson-style tuners Gibson uses have a threaded bushing just like a Grover and may work without haveing to address the headstock hole size. If you're going to fit the original style Klusons, then yes, you will have to use an adapter bushing of some sort, or (gulp) have the holes plugged and re-drilled. I've done this using conversion bushings from Stewart-MacDonald. These essentially press fit into the larger holes required for the Grover & Schaller type tuners. Be sure to actually measure the holes and see what you've got under there, I've seen guys just use a reamer on the back side and leave the original bushing diameter on top. In that case you may be able to just use stock bushings. Here's a link to Stew-Mac, good luck!



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