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NGD! New Gibson...but I'm concerned ***UPDATE*** Shout out to Rick and Leitz Music!


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Hi All!


Well I'm sure you all remember my post about 1.5 weeks ago:


The old NGD


Here's the update. I had worked with a gentleman by the name of Rick who works at Leitz Music in Pensacola, FL. His store is an official Gibby dealer. When I received the above guitar with the "ridge" I called him the next day and let him know what I had found and why I was concerned. He didn't ask ONE question, nor did he say or even HINT of accusing me of some wrong doing on my part. That was such a relief. He said to ship it back as Leitz has a great return policy.


Rick paid for the shipping back and promptly sent out another new J-45. This one arrived today and is perfect.


I can't recommend Rick and Leitz Music enough. If you are looking for a Gibson, and are willing to buy site unseen, trust me, Leitz Music will take care of you. Places like this deserve business.


Below are pics of my new J-45 and it sounds like dark chocolate!




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Glad it worked out. I have not been able to bring myself to lay out my hard earned scratch on a guitar I had not held in my sweaty little hands first. I have, however, bought basket cases which were unplayable so also required a leap of faith.


Not sure about the "choclatey" thing though.

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Thought the dealer name was familiar. I purchased my J-45 from them at a Bee-Three show in 2014. It is the 5-star dealer “custom” model for that year. I meant to stop in last time I was near the Panhandle but never did...next time!

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