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Staple Top pickup

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From the day I looked at this video

after I had bought the Epiphone guitar




I've been thinking about, and kept putting it off

now it's getting ready!


It's going to be a good time.

Let's see


The neck pickup is where it will be residing

in the 'Inspired by 1955 Les Paul Custom'

Also, Custom trc was engraved

ABR-1 bridge with conversion posts is ready to go into place



I want this guitar to harken deep back to its roots!

and this is probably the only time I'll get so deep,

but if the bridge works out nicely

I might retrofit my other guitars with it

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Good call! I've found over the years I really like having a pickup with slug magnets in the neck position. It provides the extra spank on the attack that I want to hear.

Good sounding pickup. Easy install-dropped right in



The ABR-1 conversion/bridge, Rings tone. full sounding




I had the wiring done in October, Bourns pots, Sprague caps

new switchcraft jack/mini-toggle so it's got the 50's vibe

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What make is this staple pickup?

I'd like to get one - it seems to have gold plated 'staples'.... [thumbup]

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