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Video - The Greatest Day In The History Of Guitars (from UMGF)


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I like Dallgire and his guitars/guitar-passion a lot, , , and yes he had me fooled.

The gentleman should buy some Gibsons and join this Board. And who can tell, the day may come.

Most of us know how one suddenly get smitten by the Bozeman bug. And how addictive that drrrrug is.


Wonder if he's the J-200 or the Bird-type.

I for some reason out-count the J-45, , , , but thinking about it he could be an AJ cannoneer, , , or go crazy over a Doves in Flight.

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Fantastic video from **** Allgire of UMGF:












Brilliant how the censor **** out Alligire's first name, which is, of course, is the nickname for Richard..... [rolleyes]

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That guy is hilarious. Love him snorting Red Bull out of an eye dropper.


Not sure about his taste in clothes, and his apartment is a shambles.


Somewhere, someone is trying to replicate this today....

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