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1971 Gibson ES-345 - Need bridge advice...

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I've had this 1971 ES-345 in Walnut for around 2 years now. It came with a non original Gotoh bridge, which always niggled me as it was alot newer and shinier than the rest of the gold hardware.


Cue to the present, I've sourced an old ABR bridge for it. Tonight I tried to fit it, but it turns out the Gotoh post screws are thicker than the ABR holes. I've tried putting the ABR post screws into the studs, but as expected they aren't compatible but I have got them far enough down that they are secure.


So now I imagine that the studs aren't original. Can anyone tell me what my best option is to get the ABR on? I could probably leave as is but my OCD will eventually get the better of me.


If I change the studs, what to?




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