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Removing Wiring Harness from 2014 ES-345 '64 VOS

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OK firstly, before anyone trolls me for ruining a perfectly good VOS, I'm NOT trying to remove the Varitone circuit (I love it). I've got a noisy tone pot that needs changing.


So, I've removed the Bridge pickup, removed the choke; all good. Now how the **** does the rest of it come out? I've spend 6 hours on this thing and all I can get out is the bridge pickup Vol pot.


My main question to those that may have done this before is this: is there a recommended or 'correct' sequence for removing each control, so that the harness doesn't get tied in knots?


Thanks in advance.



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OK so I have finally done it. A total PIA that took 6 hours to get out, fix and put back in.In case anyone needs the info, here it is. I'm now 100% sure this is the best sequence.

  • Remove strings and knobs
  • Put a couple of small towels on the top of the guitar to protect it
  • Unscrew the Bridge pickup mounting ring and lay the pickup on the top of the guitar
  • Unscrew the Choke from inside the pickup cavity and lay on the top of the guitar
  • Unscrew the switch, all the pots, the Varitone and the jack socket and push them into the body

The wiring loom is in a loop to go around the f holes so hence the odd looking sequence. Pull the components out in this order:

  1. Selector switch
  2. Varitone
  3. Neck Volume
  4. Neck Tone
  5. Jack socket
  6. Bridge Tone
  7. Bridge Volume

Put them back in reverse order or you risk twisting the wiring loom.

All of this is a lot easier to type than to do it but if you take it easy its doable. Good luck


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