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Where/how do I post the question regarding Gibson Les Paul


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Well you could just send a Email to sevice@gibson.com with model and serial numbers and ask them whatever you want to know and they will get back to you or call them at: 1-800-4GIBSON or go to all things gear and post photos there and ask or there are several experts here and you can post detailed photos here of the guitar, front and back of the headstock, the bridge and back and ask questions here as someone always comes along and gives their advice. Good luck!

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Thanks Retired!

Much appreciated!

Kind Regards,



Welcome, When I bought my first Gibson GT used, I thought it may be a Standard but wasn't for sure, The data guitar center gave me was all wrong. even the date it was made. So I e-mailed Gibson and they got right back to me answering all my questions. It wasn't a 2012 as they told me, it was in fact a 2007. And a Standard as I thought. I got a super deal on it so it pays to find out from the maker of the guitar if you can. msp_thumbup.gif

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