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Lee Malia RD Artisan


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I don't think you've understood this.


"Hand job", indeed.


You keep linking to a Lee Malia RD Custom Artisan.


It's NOT a LP Koa. Here -




I just said it looks nice. Whatever material the fretboard is.


And I ask you again, have you ever tried one?

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$6,000 Gibson Les Paul Custom


Fingerboard Material: Richlite


Richlite: A bunch of pieces of recycled paper soaked in resin and pressed under high heat







Who the hell cares? If it feels good, just give it a hand job Revolution Six.

Must be the extra wide binding that brought up his "handy" comment.....

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As promised:




Just to reiterate this post was originally about comparing Megafrog's beautiful RD's. The Lee Malia RD sparked some interest in his other Signature models.


Both of these guitars use something other than rosewood. As long as there is a difficulty getting rosewood the search for better fingerboard material will go on..

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I have the Epiphone lee malia rd artisan.  Love the guitar hated the electronics. Installed the Emerson push pull set and now she is a keeper. What a difference. The tone push pull pots sit slightly higher than the volume pots because of the cavity but  I can surely live with that trade off. I decided not to route the body cavity for such a small imperfection. Humbucker still spits and the p94 neck pickup is killed when pulled out. Guitar now sounds amazing



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