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Whats everyones thoughts on the M2 melody maker?

I picked a teal one up last summer and did some small upgrades PIO cap, locking tail studs etc.

Its quite light, and i really like the neck and the poplar body but the only thing i’m not really impressed with is the pickups tbh, i find them a bit thin (not sure what make they are either).

So, anybody suggest suitable relacements?

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Almost any pickup will work with that guitar. What kind of sound are you looking for? Literally any pickup is better than the stock Asian Gibson ones in the M2. I’m a big fan of Burstbuckers or Pearly Gates bridge / ‘59 neck combos. Would probably work well in that guitar. But now you’re talking about $150-200 worth of pickups for a $300 guitar.

Maybe raising or adjusting the pickups will give them more body, or adjusting your amp a little to compensate would be a good idea.

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