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Gibson's lasting energy and legacy!!!


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Hello everyone, I am a graphic designer based out of New York area.


Gibson has been in the news for a while now some of which questions its status as the industry leader.


In response to it all my creative outpour led me to put together the attached image. It portrays a sacred ground known only to iconic artists which is also the resting place for their retired guitars. I'm sure few of those once belonged to Clapton :)

As deserted and melancholic this place might appear Gibson rules this realm and as the leader and the icon of music industry it's the only force that can “Bring Back the Fire” and energy needed that great artists can draw from as they have done for more than a century.

Go Gibson! photo link



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although it is a visually good picture the content suggests that Gibson is dead and buried.


they are in restructuring not bankruptcy solvency.. they plan to continue making guitar.s


I see why it could be perceived that way, however, the quote in the background reads "Bring back the Fire" (as a source of energy) meaning that in any surroundings Gibson rules and others follow :)

In other words Gibson cannot be buried!



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