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Epiphone finish, what' s wrrong ?

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If it's any consolation I had a G-400 faded with a 2 piece body and

pickups that were....Good!

It's nothing at all like the true Gibson SG really

and my 2014 Std. is just impeccable. No doubt

best deal ever at $999.

I took off the G-Force tuners after about 3 months

and put Kluson Supremes on it.

There's nothing like the feel or the candy smell of this guitar

and even though I love my current Epi Les Pauls and think the build quality is Tops

Epiphone needs to work on the SG.

The pitch bend in the neck varies, but is still a deal breaker for me


The veneer isn't really necessary, and for a short moment in 2013 factory 23 had some out with no veneer

and a good bevel cut along the body and horns looking like a '62 SG. very short lived


Indeed but I guess those guitars must have wood pieces matching in hue and saturation. Else you will get that parquet/brick effect. And that would not be so nice. Using veneer, you dont have to sort the wood for color, hue and timbre properties. You eliminate the problem. You only need wood that has some timbre properties.

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