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A Shout Out To Cabrone


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Some of you may recall a while back Cabrone posted about running into a 1961 Gibson B45-12. I off the cuff replied that if he did not buy it I would. So guess what. Yup. Carbone went to the shop, checked it out, laid out the money, and grabbed the guitar for me. I will have it in my sweaty little hands at the end of the week.


As Cabrone does not know me from Adam this was going way above and beyond the call of duty. If you ever wanted proof that the nicest people play Gibsons this be it.


I cannot thank Cabrone enough and am excited as can be.

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That trust actually works both ways. I've got your money and your guitar.


Glad to have the opportunity to help someone out. And thanks to all for the kind words.


Looking forward to meeting the Woof and seeing his face the first time he plays this vintage beauty...

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