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You know you're getting old when...

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yer gettin old when you spend time talkin bout how to know yer gettin old when you allready know yer gettin old but forgot...where was I ? I dunno, must be gettin old I guess...

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Recentley went to Do-It Center for some hardware. When I got to the cashier the first thing she said was "Discount?" I repeated "Discount?" She said "5% off for seniors." Didn't think I looked that old (I'm 61), was like a knife though my heart.



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you strap on a Les Paul and your left arm starts to go numb.


Where's my Firebird, this is ridiculous!


I played my new Classic the other night from 7 PM to 1 AM. I wouldn't have thought two extra pounds would make a difference but going from 8 to 9 pounds to an 11 pound guitar for 6 hours made my left shoulder pretty sore. And, that's with a thick 3 or 4 inch strap but yeah, I'm still feeling it today. Tomorrow and Wednesday, I'll be playing some lighter guitars. But, it sure did sound good! The band loved it.

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