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NGD very unexpected result


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Today didn’t go as expected. As it was a nice day, I decided to visit Guitar Village. They had a used Peerless Martin Taylor archtop that I was anxious to try. I did, and also a similar spec Eastman too. They were very nice but neither insisted on being taken home.


Then I tried the nicest looking Core Custom 24, Blue Quilt with ebony board. I had admired this on the website before. Finally there was one CE24 which I certainly would have bought had the finish been to my liking. Before leaving I asked the assistant (Sam) what had happened to the CE24 Reclaimed Wood that I had initially bought last December. Did it ever arrive? Was it bought?


Sam said he thought there might be one in the storeroom. That suggested to me he wasn’t conversant with goings on with the model. So anyway, a few minutes later he appears with THE GUITAR!

He told me it had arrived in the shop that morning. What are the odds? I had given up on it weeks ago.



It had been a pleasant day out. Sam had been helpful and attentive. And whats more. finally… I have it.


Its very light. Probably the most comfortable guitar I have, and It has some delicious bolt-on-neck flavoured tones.


I had recorded a few seconds of video, but it had mutated into a single frame when iCloud got it. But at least the pictures are ok. Here they are.








I haven’t had a chance to set it up yet, but it plays pretty good as it is. Nor have I created a custom tone patch for it on my signal processor, but the Ric 650 one sounds pretty good.

I had posted last year about ordering this. Its a long story...

Alls well that ends well.



I have a gig tomorrow, and so does the CE24.

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Sometimes "Truth is Stranger Than Fiction."

Absolutely bizarre story from top-to-tail! Can't quite comprehend what machinations have been on-the-grind in the background but astonished to see it has, ultimately, all come up roses...


Enjoy the gig to the fullest!





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That's a gorgeous guitar! :o Enjoy it Sir! It just looks very comfortable :)


Please let us know your thoughts after you've had more time with her. [drool]


Well not much longer so far. I suppose 5 to 6 hours playing total.

Handling: Its definitely the most comfortable guitar. It weighs 6.8lb with strap attached. It has a belly cut. No neck dive (despite maple neck) & hangs in place.


Pickups: A lot has been made of the 85/15 pickups (85 stands for 1985 / 15 stands for 2015). PRS said this would have gone into the original 1985 models if they had them then.

I remembered the coil split today. Its very single-coil-like which is exactly what I wanted. Together with the bolt on neck it adds up to Fender-like sounds.

bridge & trem: I always block up trem cavities. This one is unusual. I can do double stop bends without the de-tune problem. How is that possible?! It holds tuning as well as a hardtail. I will give this a proper try and leave it be for now.


strap pins: the word is weird. They are oversized buttons and my locking straps (Lock-It and Planet Waves) wont fit on them. A conventional strap wont fit without removing the strap pins first. That's what I have had to do.


tuners: never had locking tuners before. I've had to check online to understand how to re-string.


sound: I tried this and another CE24. It was just the type of sound I had been hoping for. Similar to my Fingerbone Strat with Bare Knuckle Yardbird P/U, but less output. I'll know better tomorrow. Guitars always sound different at high volume. I have done the signal processor tweaks this morning, so ready for a full on debut test this evening.


If I'm honest, the regular solidbody CE24 I tried had the edge with both sound & set-up. It cost the same. I could have got that instead. The reason I didnt was because I knew they would sound different on my rig anyway, and because a set-up is a temporary thing.


CEs are built in Stevensville MD and differ from Core models in that they use Korean hardwear and no hard case. Pickups are same as Core.

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The gig was great but shorter than I expected. Just 1 hour set. It was a charity event for brain injured



Everybody wore hats. Best hat got a prize.


I got enough solos to evaluate the CE. It sounded excellent through the little Fishman amp (big enough for the Village Hall), it will sound better again through the Fender. I used the neck pickup (always my favourite). Beautiful hollow woody tones. Very happy.



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