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What are Roy Smeck guitars like


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I'm not up on the vintage ones like Tom. I think some of them were Hawaiian guitars with the necks shaved down. If I remember correctly, Tom saved his Hawaiian neck and had a new one made.

I think Gibson had a few runs of the Stage Deluxe and Radio Grande over the pass 20 years or so.

Jackson Browne is a big fan of the model and Gibson worked with him and made a signature model about 10 years ago based on them using English Walnut.

A couple years ago Gibson came out with a Stage Deluxe LTD (no Smeck name) with the spruce over hog.

Then they came out with a Stage Deluxe Rosewood, no Smeck name, which should had been named the Radio Grande.

Recently they came out with a run of the Smeck named models.

I have a JB, LTD and RW.

They have a jumbo sized body with a deeper depth. 12 fretter. Wide nut.

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As Dave says, Jackson is a fan. Check some ytube for the general idea. Ry Cooder also uses one for slide (look for the Pigmeat Shuffle on tube and get ready to smile).


The Smeck is 12-fret J45 with more low end rumble sustain and overtones. If it's one with the Rosewood b&s, factor in more of the above. Fat body that does not taper might be a challenge for smaller persons.

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Massive sounding things with a massive neck to go with it. The Jackson sig ones are a bit too much of a good thing for me, a bit like using a hammer when blowing a kiss would do...fine if you have a nail that you need that specific type of hammer for, though.

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I recently picked this one up when it was re-listed. Think i got it for a good price.




i'm looking at getting the headstock and pick guard sorted. The fon number is too faint to make out. I'm guessing it late 30s but would love it if anyone can tell.


This is already converted, the nut width is 45mm, which i like. Ideally i'd have preferred the neck to be a bit beefier.





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