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Hi Guy,s

Well it,s been three weeks since my operation for colon cancer.I caught it early and was operated in Brazil.Then I

was sent home.As ya,ll know I work over there.So,I just want to let all males between ages of 40-60 please get

checked.I thought it was a bad stomach problem at first,but it got worse to the point of constant pain.My upper

intestine was growing in itself,which caused the pain.you never know when you,ll be sick.I quit smoking since operation.

And I have a new outlook on life.So take a lil time and go to doctor. Les Pauls are heavy after operations.lol:d/

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Best of luck to you. I had a scare a year ago (blood) that turned out to be diverticulosis but otherwise fine. I'm glad to have gotten that whole procedure out of the way and I will echo your sentiment that all guys get checked. You'll sleep through it and afterwards you'll get the sick pleasure of about a 40 second fart that they will hear in the next block.

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