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CITES destroys 500 Cordoba guitars

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It would seem, with all the phony rhetoric spewed regularly by the UN regarding 'Save The World' , 'protect the environment', etc. they could at the very least form an effective program to deal with specific issues like this. Tigers is another example, overshadowed by elephants whales, etc. It's not just a few dozen species of trees.

Can't the UN take one of their 'paramilitary' units and go down to Africa and start poaching the poachers? Or, do the criminals who employ the poachers and export the contraband payoff the politicians to ensure no real counter-measures are allowed?

Can't the UN figure out how to track down who buys this stuff? It seems they try to intentionally 'go through the motions' on thousands of causes and don't do anything particularly well.

Madagascar destroyed most of it's hardwood jungles. Their unique fauna lived there. NOW that country is 'concerned' with their ecology. Hah.

Brazil - cleared millions of acres of jungle for farmers. Sold some wood, burned some. Used some to make shipping crates and pallets.

So UK burns a few hundred guitars that contain a smudge of the total problem - on the altar of Environmental Protection.

Greed always wins.

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Well, we're going away from the issue of guitars / 'illegal wood' being destroyed but just a little bit more about the trade in animal poaching.


There is no easy solution to the problem of poachers across Africa. The countries involved are just too massive and the borders too 'porous' for effective patrolling which in turn means it is almost impossible to guard against the trafficking of ivory etc.


Many wildlife reserves have a 'Shoot on Sight' policy which has been fairly effective. Last time I heard (from an acquaintance who works on an elephant sanctuary) there were reportedly approximately 100 poachers being killed annually. Unfortunately the financial rewards are so great that people are still willing to risk their lives in huge numbers. The value of powdered rhino horn, for example, can be as high as $60,000 per kilo - which is almost 50% higher than the price of gold bullion. Poachers have responded by killing park rangers. Six were killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo only last month bringing the total number of rangers killed over the last 20 years to over 170.



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It sounds like whoever owned the guitars did not contest the action to destroy the guitars. The guitars mustn't have been all that important.


Government agencies all too often manifest as like the inquistors of a Kafka novel.


If you have read Kafka you know it is better to give up sooner than later.

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But China ARE signed up to CITES?...

And the mob pays their hydro bills but are the hydro company going to come around when they tell you they don't owe you this month? China is corrupt to the core, friend.

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Relative to China - Britain.

They probably would if they thought they could get away with it... That damn freedom of informations act...



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Can you name one country which isn't?





Sure, but I think comparing a western nation (outside of EU states, anyway) wouldn't be fair seeing as China is a still a communist nation without a constitution. Would you feel betting if I said Pakistan or Indonesia? Because your not really cementing your case that China will play ball with CITIES other than saving a little face now and thern. No one is going to go after them for their elite having wall to wall rosewood flooring or foods made from endangered animals. But we don't see much of that here... :-k

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