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Trouble Identifying What Year This Les Paul Is

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Hello all, I've got this 70's les paul that has plays incredible and has the thinnest neck I've ever seen on any les paul. Like a slim 60's but thinner profile. It's nothing like my known 74 custom. When I got it, all the original pots were gone and it had EMG's in it so narrowing down the date has been tougher than normal plus it has 2 serial numbers stamped on it so I was hoping some of the resident les paul guru's could help me date it and figure out why it has 2 different serial numbers. The pics aren't great with the glare but the made in USA stamped # is 689163 and the other serial # behind it is 989163 without the USA stamp. I've included some pics of the normal things that help date the 70's lp's. Any help would be much appreciated. post-91695-073099300 1524935763_thumb.jpg post-91695-051145900 1524935829_thumb.jpg post-91695-025205600 1524935836_thumb.jpg post-91695-028546800 1524935848_thumb.jpeg post-91695-078988400 1524935854_thumb.jpg

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Hi and welcome to the forum.


Strange to see two serial numbers. Might there have been a mistake when it was first stamped with the 6 (or 9) being applied upside-down? The remaining five digits are, obviously, consistent.


As far as my reference books are concerned the serial numbers date to either 1967, 1968 or 1969. The 'un-dotted' i on the Gibson logo first appeared in 1968. The dot reappeared on most models by 1972 although there were some guitars which didn't have a dot up until '76.


Hard to say with 100% certainty but either '68 or '69 seems a good bet.



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