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Talking of wood under threat from the other thread. Heres someone actually doing something about it.


So you all may remember that State of Ebony video made several years back now.. If you haven't seen it you really should watch it if you are interested in where the wood for your guitars come from and how we can ensure that in the future we can keep these woods alive as there is now only one place in the world where you can harvest legal Ebony.


This is the original vid.. Well worth a watch


Well for those interested they have done a follow up vid.. It sure is nice to see them planting new Ebony trees [thumbup]

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The first video they did back a few years ago was very impressive...........yet it kind of amazed me the stupidy of the reasoning of the industry.


First off, the "un-wanted" white/black streaked ebony is BEAUTIFUL to me. On the right guitar finish, it would look awesome.


Second, why don't they just dye it? The desired ebony is full solid black, so why not just dye the streaked kind instead of wasting it? It plays the same regaurdless of color.




Glad they are taking steps to replant



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