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How Do I Make Space On My Casino Strap Lug for Washer?


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I am wondering how I would go about making a bigger space between my strap lug and the body of the guitar on my Casino in order to let me put on a Grolsch rubber washer, or a metal washer, for use as a strap block.

I am asking this because, while this works on my Strats, there is not quite enough room on my Casino to get the washer fully over the strap lug; and the strap itself is not exactly thick.

Could I simply get a longer screw of the same type that is currently in the strap lug, so that the screw goes into the Casino's body to the same depth, but so that it also allows more space to fully get the rubber washer over the lug?

Has anyone tried this before, or tried another method of increasing the space between the strap lug and the guitar body? If so, what worked and what did not?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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I have cut several pieces of soft plastic, into round things , then put a hole, and a small slot big enough to just fit over the flared strap post thing,, and then skewed the 3 or 4 of them, so they don't all pop off , after doing that, and, they don't, yet.

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I thought that I would post a summary of my experience with this.


Today I bought the D'Addario Planet Waves Dual-Strap Lock, and I am quite impressed by it.


However, on my Casino there is so little room between the strap and strap button/lug that once I had struggled to get the Dual-Strap Lock on, and I was testing it by pulling on the strap as hard as I could, I did eventually manage to get the Dual-Strap Lock to fly off (it was not easy to do that, though).


A strap lug with more depth is definitely needed for this guitar.


While I was at the guitar store, I successfully managed to avoid buying anything really expensive and/or unnecessary, and I also found and bought one of the Lok-It straps, which I had forgotten about.


As you can see if you play the video in the link below, the Lok-It strap has a strap block kind of arrangement built in to the parts of the strap that go over the guitar strap buttons/lugs.

I have to say that I am rather impressed, but we will see how long these last.

So, to summarize my experience, I will in future:

1. Make the Grolsch rubber washers the first choice as strap-blocks on guitars on which they fit properly, as the cheapest and one of the most secure ways of preventing guitar straps coming off while playing guitar.


2. Try to find new strap lugs/buttons with extra depth/length to fit to a guitar onto which I cannot comfortably fit a washer.


3. Consider the Lok-It straps as the next - relatively expensive - choice


4.. Also consider the D'Addario Planet Waves Dual-Strap Lock as my third choice (again, like the Grolsch rubber washers, making sure that the Dual-Strap Locks can comfortably fit on the specific guitar on which I want to use them. If not, go to choice 3., above).
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