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Guns N' Roses - Locked N' Loaded


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So apparently this will cost £850 :o ($1000)


I do like GnR and that box set looks amazing.. but those are like stupid Gibson prices.. Pffttt no way [-(


Theres a full list of whats included here https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/guns-n-roses-celebrated-with-massive-appetite-for-destruction-locked-n-loaded-edition-box-set-300642693.html




One of the previously unreleased songs (well not officially anyway)

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Ton of stuff in a single box. Probably not bad for a hard core fan or a newer fan that couldn’t collect stuff over the years.


I have never been a box-set guy. Even on records I stick with original releases with some exceptions.


There are different packages for this release, the one on the video is the most comprehensive and expensive. I’d be interested to listen to the music on this thing for sure but will not be buying it.

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They put a cool looking huge billboard up in Camden, London, England; of all places.

Slash alluded to something big on the release date on instagram, people were murmuring a new album, I for one thought maybe it was new tour kicked off in Camden? (I guess that was a little bit silly).


My reaction the album is like the song sang

Now you're messing with her, you son of ' now you're messing with her you SOB

IDK, it's not for me, it's for young rich kids?

It's not for me, I wouldn't be buying this for £1, 000.00 or £10.00 sorry; I'd rather cite YouTube usage wit PRSforMusic and get an artist paid and a record company paid if I'm good enough, get the hits, but this album, good luck and all, it might not be for me, but it's for someone else maybe?

Other kids had Star Trek TNG & RoboCop to look up to when I was 4, I had Axl Rose and The Terminator, so I am interested in Guns N' Roses, but wished and hoped it was a brand new album full of new songs by them.

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