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I love where I'm from, London, in England, because, we have a lot of high end American guitars in London, I love it.

Guitars such as Gibson Custom Shop, Gibson VOS, can be found either pre owned/used or old new stock, and even in London today, I think Camden way at the moment, is a Gibson Dealer who could sell you a brand new high end Gibson Les Paul.


post-92020-024665700 1525736596_thumb.jpg

Used guitars in 2015


post-92020-052125900 1525736537_thumb.jpg

Brand new/Dealership in 2015


Other great guitars as well as Gibson I have access to if I have the funds;

I bought my Gibsons from this neighbourhood, but alas, I bought them used (from another place)...

post-92020-033249600 1525736651_thumb.jpg

My 1996 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard Red Sparkle Top/Dark Back with a set of Seymour Duncan APH-1 Alnico II Pro Humbuckers, I got the guitar in 2011, my first Gibson, was love at first play. Chambered body, thinner/60's neck profile.



My 2005 Gibson USA R7 Les Paul Gold Top/Dark Back, that I had a set of Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash Signature Humbuckers and a Tone Pros Bridge I got last November/November 2017.

A former owner of my Gibson VOS/R7 modded it with MusiCap Capacitors;

post-92020-023020900 1525736688_thumb.jpg


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Hello LWAG, welcome to this board! [thumbup]


You say your 1996 Les Paul is chambered - is this a verified fact? :-k

It is.

My 1996 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard has a chambered body and a thinner 60's neck profile - It's light/chambered and it has a thicker binding around the cutaway (a telltale sign of a chambered body).

(you could see the thicker binding around the cutaway from this angle).

The weight and binding give it away, besides, I know/use a luthier to maintain my guitars and everything, and he (my guitar guy) says it's chambered.


My 2005 Gibson R7 has a solid body/1957 neck profile spec'.


To be honest, my 2005 R7 with a solid body, to me, was an amazing find, because it has a solid body and I wanted one with a solid body, but thought I'd have to find one built before the 1980's change of production/ownership at Gibson.

I tried an R9 shortly before finding my R7, and even that R9 was chambered.


Reasons why I bought my R7 last November; I wanted a thicker neck profile than the one on my 1996 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard; when I first played my VOS/R7 (unplugged) I knew I wanted it/it has my favourite finish; Gold Top/Dark Back 'the dark back one was the one I wanted, but is also the one harder the find)... and last but not least, it was in my guitar budget.

I looked at it/played on it for all 5 minutes before buying it, since I was in the market for one and this checked off everything I was looking for in a finish I wanted that's rarer/harder to find.. It being a solid body was an added bonus since I found that factoid out just after paying for it; so this guitar even checked that need/want off my list for a solid bodied one -

To be honest, both of my Gibsons were love at first play; otherwise I wouldn't have bought them.

Also both have the things I like in a Gibson Les Paul aesthetically, like the head stock/machine heads and the 'belly'/body shape.



Thank you all for the nice/warm welcome.

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