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2011 Melody Maker SG.. neck style


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Hi guys


I owned for a few years a 1994 SG Special, it was a partial gift from a friend for looking after him during a bad time in his life, well, I didn't know any better* and was still paying over £100 a month for my cable TV and got into debt.. sadly the guitar had to go. I got a measly £320 for it, I never really knew what I had.. I always thought the neck was amazing.. but I hadn't tried any other modern Gibsons at that time and thought it was a standard style of neck. Turns out it wasn't.. many SG's use the slim taper style of neck.. which over time I am growing to hate more and more, maybe if I ground the frets it would be OK.. I am considering doing this on my SG with the trem. For a while now I have been calling that neck style a '90's neck'.. the truth is I don't know which era it is from, my 2011 MM SG has the same neck and on the reference section of this website it's just called a 'Melody Maker' neck.. not very catchy, I prefer '90's neck'.. but I would also like to know if this neck has been used before and already has it's own terminology.


The start of this year I *actually* managed to shift the 2015 SG Standard in trade for an American Fender Strat* .. this whole experience has refocused my mind, I have wanted to own a SG Standard since I was 18yo and I'm 42yo.. I now want *that* neck shape/fret size. I suppose I could just buy a Special from that era and slowly do it up.. the binding would be a nightmare.. impossible for me.. the fret markers again, I just don't have the tools or expertise. Faceplate I could do.. covers for the pickups yes, but that's not quite a Standard.


Does anyone have an 2011 SG Melody Maker and a SG Standard that have the same neck shape/fret size, if so what era is the Standard from?


Does anyone know the terminology of that neck profile, is it a regular Gibson neck? It is regular/small breadth* and regular/fat width. Not chunky like an old Jag.



Kind regards







* I have zero cable TV now.. just the internet and netflix. I gave up my house phone too.. just pay once a year to skype. didn't need all that junk draining my finances and couldn't see that at the time (2006-2012).

*(2004.. deluxe body and fixtures, standard neck, guy didn't like the rosewood deluxe neck so he switched it for maple)


*I suggest this terminology.. breadth: the point of which the guitar lays on its back, the breadth of the fretboard is the surface on the neck facing the ceiling. This makes sense because the guitar itself has greater breadth in this position if including the body; therefore it cannot be confused with width. Leaving 'height' which is when the guitar is upright with the breadth facing you; the longest point from the bottom to the top.

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