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Favourite/Favorite Guitar Straps


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Which guitar straps do you use?

Are there any that you absolutely love?


I have a bunch of guitar straps on different guitars; however, on my Gibsons (Les Pauls) I like/love a strap called BearStrap.


They're handmade and they're leather and they're long, strong and thin.

I like my guitar straps long, so I have some of the longest ones made (62 Inches) but they come in shorter sizes too.

Me and a BearStrap strap if you're on Instagram:

Me and a BearStrap strap if you cannot see/aren't allowed to view Instagram without signing up/on YouTube (something maybe more universal).


I use Bearstraps, who sell out of places I know up and down Denmark Street, and the gentleman who makes these straps, Rupert, makes very cool guitar straps by hand, makes his rounds up and down Denmark Street, I am so blessed with London's guitar culture (can find a lot of nice American guitars in London) and the straps I love, I thought were from California (because of its name)... Turns out it's British and the guy hand makes distributes these long thin leather guitar straps I love.

What straps are your favourite (so far)?

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I love nice straps too. I probably put way too much thought into my straps. I lean towards having a particular strap for each guitar but that does seem to rotate depending on how I feel at that moment. I have a nice snakeskin strap from AF Designs, some assorted leather straps- LM & Franklin. I'll post a few pics later.

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I have a strap for each guitar. Some straps are not removable, so they go in 3rd party cases (they have more room). A bespoke case means I have to be able to remove the strap. Planet Waves Locking straps mainly go in there.


My oldest strap is a Levys one. I dont have any super expensive ones, but was tempted by the Gibson Switchblade, but the forward section is too long.


I dont love any of them.

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