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Yesterday 1973


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Here's Paul playing Yesterday on his Gibson Everly Bros guitar

Which I guess is a right handed model ( looking at pictures you can see the dots are on the bottom side of the board)





Pic: http://www.digitalspy.com/music/news/a634090/paul-mccartney-adds-second-london-o2-show-to-out-there-tour/



I guess he might have flipped it just as he did with the Texan




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I'm old enough to remember when this was aired - the whole show. Saw it as a kid and found it too sweet, strange, , or un-rock*.

This version of the big Y is fine however. Plain and simple, , , beautiful.

The Everly suits him.


*Must be said they fire up a fierce version of Long Tall S in the late section of this 3 quarter special. But 1973, young folks - I tell ya, , , pretty strange times. .

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I think I saw it too. Or some kind of Mac special back in the day.....

Yea, it was a long Macca-special around Red Rose Speedway. Basically a bunch of video-settings linked up with a rather sticky show-bizz glue.

Paul had done everything at that point, but he and rock were still young.

Where to go ? , , , , a jump into the unknown, , , which at the other hand drew on a lot of traditional kitsch.

Didn't make me buy the album - went out and fetched the White Album instead. 5 years too late, , , but in time.


Have to add Red Rose got down on cassette around '75 and eventually was brought home on vinyl.

Still like that record - a free space yet with several good songs including 1 biggie.


This one


March 1972 ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKuFyHwG188

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