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Hello from England!


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I’ve had a long standing love of Gibson acoustics and currently own a ‘36 (circa) L-00, a KG-14 and a 12 fret KG-14 (under restoration). I’ve owned other Gibson acoustics in the past, new and vintage (mainly L-00s). I’m currently on the hunt for a specific model/year and will be advertising in Buy/Sell.


I’m based in England (where it’s now become all but impossible to import old guitars, with the CITES restrictions in force.



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Welcome, and hello, I too suffer from 'Being Based In England CITES Doesn't Want Me To Have Rosewood Anymore', but there are ways through which adds about $850.00 USD for getting something in from the US through CITES and getting the paper work you need.

The shipper and yourself'd have to agree to wait and pay though.


Welcome and thank you for that CITES trip down memory lane which killed a Reverb.com deal on that Fender I wanted, but, knowledge is power, so if we have the budget, imagination is what limits us all.

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